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Thanks for your interest in planting trees with Trees Please. If you are looking for more information on native Irish trees, we recommend the wonderful publication 'Our Trees - A guide to growing Ireland’s native trees in celebration of a new Millenniumwhich was released in 2000 as part of the People's Millennium Forests Project, as well as the following websites:
Future Forests
Wild Oaks

Many trees are suitable for smaller gardens and if space is limited trees can be pruned to smaller sizes, and hedging can also be a good option.

We are now finished taking tree orders for the 22/23 planting season (as of 13/02/23). We had over 100 orders (treeific!) and we'll now try our best to fill all the orders. We'll be in touch by email and the trees will be ready for collection on 18th and 19th February from Rebel Reads, Marina Commercial Park, Cork. Delivery can also be arranged, if necessary. The tree roots should be kept moist (in water or wet soil) and the trees should be planted as soon as possible after you receive them so get your meitheals and planting plans organised!  

All trees are given for donation, and with larger orders we have a suggested donation.

Forest Trail

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